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Data Analytics to Stay Ahead of the Game

Poor data interpretation can have a negative impact on businesses of all sizes, therefore, it’s important to be prepared with business intelligence tools to avoid missed opportunities. Sales and productivity, customer retention, marketing strategies, logistics, and management of fixed and variable costs can all be managed and optimised by consolidating relevant data.

Business Intelligence tools like Qlik® will assist in the management of raw data, by organising it and making it easier to read, interpret and report on.

What Are Business Intelligence Tools?

Business Intelligence tools collect and organise large amounts of data, assisting users to process and organise data so it’s easier to understand, view and report on. Business Intelligence tools offered by Qlik® can condense vast amounts of data into easily comprehensible and manageable platforms which display the organised data on graphs, tables, and maps.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Tools

With business Intelligence tools like Qlik®, businesses can easily gain access to and read the data that they need in order to optimise their processes, and thus, their business.

The Qlik® Analytics Platform: An Introduction

The Qlik® Analytics Platform is designed for application developers to embed Qlik’s powerful visual analytics capabilities right into their own applications. The Qlik® Analytics Platform provides access to Qlik® Indexing Engine’s (QIX) and visualizations to application developers through powerful, open and modern application programming interfaces (API’s).

NPrinting for Qlik® Sense: Create Accurate Data Reports

Qlik NPrinting is Qlik’s enterprise-class reporting and distributing solution for Qlik® Sense. It is a server-based application that allows you to create, manage, and distribute all your reporting projects seamlessly.

Qlik NPrinting complements Qlik® Sense by empowering you with even greater features that build on an already powerful, feature-rich solution. Qlik NPrinting offers great value with its two most treasured features: report creating and editing, and distribution and delivery solutions.

Qlik NPrinting Reports

There are multiple benefits of creating reports using Qlik NPrinting.

Qlik® DataMarket Explained

Qlik® DataMarket is an offering that provides Qlik® users with ready-to-use to data that has been processed from external sources. Acquiring data from external sources shouldn’t be more difficult than loading from internal sources, and users of any skill level should be able to easily associate external data with their internal data. Qlik® DataMarket makes this possible.

Benefits of Qlik® DataMarket

For companies working with big data, it’s imperative that it is organised, understandable and up-to-date.


Qlik DataMarket offers a number of free data sets for every Qlik Sense user. Freely search, acquire and augment with your own data. When you are ready, you can choose from a broad range of data packages that will make the most sense for your business.