Connect popular business applications and platforms with minimal effort.
Connect different data sources

Connect from Qlik and gather and combine data from applications, spreadsheets, custom sources and websites. This will enable you to get a holistic insight into your data to make calculated decisions.

Standard connectors

Qlik Connectors enable you to connect different applications for fast, convenient and comprehensive insights.

  • Choose from standard to specialised connectors
  • Connect files such as spreadsheets, web pages and XML
  • Extract data from compliant data sources using Qlik’s built-in connectivity
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External data sources

Find and manage data from external sources. Use more data to make calculated business decisions.

  • Get trusted, affordable data from external sources using Qlik DataMarket
  • Get a bigger picture with better data context
  • Seamlessly merge internal and external data
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Specialised connectors

Qlik provides pre-built connectors for your needs, specific to your applications.

  • Build your own connector using Qlik technology
  • Use an existing specialised connector
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