AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite: AnalyticsGate 365, an add-in for Microsoft® Excel, harnesses the power of the Qlik Sense® platform directly inside of Excel with features including set analysis, dynamic visualizations, and responsive filters.
“THE” Reporting Suite Solution for Qlik Sense®

AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite “delivers” to all groups and individuals across your organization. AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite is incredibly powerful and easy to implement. AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite requires NO additional hardware!!

Create Reports On-Demand

The AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite On-Demand Extension

Qlik Sense users can generate fully formatted reports when they need them in 4 easy steps:

  • Add the extension to your Qlik Sense app.
  • Select a template
  • Choose an output format.
  • Generate Your Report

Voila!!  You’re done!!

Distribute Via Qlik Sense Hub, E-Mail and Folders

Multiple distribution strategies available – QlikSense HUB, E-mail and File locations. Easily share your valuable visualizations, insights and analysis with colleagues using the AnalyticsGate Reporting Suite platform for Qlik Sense®.

  • Automate your reporting, scheduling and distribution efforts
  • Use Looping Strategies to Customize Content
  • Deliver reports directly to users via the Qlik Sense HUB
  • Deliver reports dynamically via email to users or groups
  • Deliver Reports via a shared network location or ftp site
15 Output Format Options

Create, automate and distribute reliable data assets

  • Define Pixel Perfect Report Templates
  • Output Reports directly to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, pdf etc.
  • Password Protection for Additional Security