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Qlik Sense Demo

There is immense power in having access to accurate data reporting and analytics to measure and drive business decisions. It’s even better when the tools you’re using can perform these complex tasks with simplicity for the user. Qlik® Sense is one such tool that can assist. It empowers business people to explore their data on a visually-stimulating, easy-to-understand platform.

It offers a variety of features and capabilities allowing businesses to:

Power BI Integrations

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence tool that simplifies the task of collating, managing and analysing data from a wide variety of sources. Power BI can connect with a range of data sources, both cloud-based and on-premises. You can make better informed decisions by integrating your data platforms with Power BI. 

Why Integrate with Power BI?

One of Power BI’s best features is that it can integrate data from multiple sources of different types. It is an extensive tool for building interactive analyses, allowing users to create a common data model and aggregate data from many sources such as databases, online services, and more. 

Power BI Data Sources

With Power BI, users can connect to different files, SQL databases, and even web-based platforms including Facebook, Google Analytics, and Salesforce.

Tips and Tricks for Formatting in Reports

Microsoft’s Power BI can perform a multitude of useful tasks, and has hundreds of content packs and templates for reports and visualisation. Power BI can be used to source data from a wide range of systems and then create detailed reports that can be formatted and customised the way you want to.

Power BI Formatting Tips

It’s important to note that in order for the user to edit the report, they must first have permission from the administrator. There are multiple ways that Power BI reports can be edited, customised and transformed.

Why is Data Visualisation Important?

Whether it’s a large scale, big data project or a smaller one, data visualisation is a useful tool for just about any business. Turning complex data into easy-to-read infographics, charts and graphs will help anyone to present and report on findings and trends.

How Visualising Data Improves Decision Making

Using visual representations, business owners, strategists, managers, etc., can leverage mass quantities of information and make sense of it with ease. The more information you are able to access, the better informed your decisions can be. Organised data can bring new and better answers to light.  

Qlik Replicate in South Africa

Qlik Replicate, also known as ‘Qlik Attunity’ provides automated, real-time, and universal data integration to and from big data sources; both on premises, and in the cloud. These sources include streaming systems, large databases, data warehouses and mainframe systems.

Data analytics has become increasingly important to businesses of all industries and sizes. In order to make informed, real-time decisions based on data results, they must adjust to new ways of processing and analysing, as well as storing and replicating data.