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What is Embedded Analytics? Answers by B2IT and Qlik®

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Simply put, embedded analytics is the integration of data analysis and business intelligence (BI) within business process applications. The integration of these two components allows users to access the information and data they need while using everyday applications in their work environment.

Capabilities of Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics solutions software, such as Qlik® embedded analytics, is capable of generating useful and accessible data insights, such as:

Business Intelligence through B2IT AiSearch: The Role of AI in Data

Business Intelligence through B2IT AiSearch


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already penetrated the global market with boundless opportunities to create an adaptive, machine learning workforce, as well as a smart system for data interaction and interpretation. By finding out more about the many benefits and opportunities presented by AI technologies, you will understand why driving towards AI-powered business intelligence through B2IT AiSearch is important.

Companies that use Qlik® Sense in South Africa

companies that use Qlik Sense in South Africa


Qlik® Sense offers a smart data solution for companies from multiple industries. These various industries that we empower with business intelligence capability make use of the various functions of Qlik® Sense in order to improve the processes unique to their industry. We have supplied a variety of companies with our business intelligence solutions, these are just some of the industries they are from:

Manufacturing & Logistics

Engineers in the manufacturing and logistics industry will benefit from Qlik® Sense and other business intelligence solutions as they will have access to the data they need to improve productivity. The following data can enable improvement in the manufacturing industry:

The Testing Capabilities of Qlik® Sense Scalability Tools

Qlik Sense Scalability Tools


Qlik® Sense scalability tools, available for free from the Qlik® Community, empowers us with the capability to test the functions that are integral to successful enterprise deployments. These tools enable us to simulate how users will work with the relevant applications so that we can prepare for any performance or scalability challenges that may come down the line. Using Qlik® Sense scalability tools, our developers are able to ensure that the users of the software will be satisfied with the correct application designs from a scaling and performance perspective.