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What is Operationalisation of Intelligence?

To answer the question “what is operationalisation of intelligence?”, we must first define what the words “operationalisation” and “intelligence” mean independently. Operationalisation can be defined as turning abstract concepts into data that can be measured, or putting something into motion or use. Intelligence on the other hand has many definitions; however, in this context, intelligence refers to a collection of information or data. Thus when we speak about the operationalisation of intelligence we are referring to the manner in which information is gathered, and measured, as well as the reaction that it inspires.

In this article, we will discuss how one can operationalise processes, and how active intelligence can be operationalised.

Robotic Process Automation Software: The Best Option for You

If your company is not working towards automation, it should be. It is the way of the future! A company is holding their employees back from being creative, innovative, and truly useful because they are performing repetitive and boring tasks. In the long term, this can prevent your company from reaching its true potential. One of the ways to start this automation journey is to implement RPA, otherwise known as Robotic Process Automation software.

In this article, we will discuss which RPA is the most popular, widely used, and the best option for your business.

The Future of Work with AI as a Defining Force

Due to movies such as “I, Robot”, the reaction that takes place when Artificial Intelligence is mentioned is typically a negative one. However, when one looks past the fear that has been generated by the media, one can see how AI has already integrated into our lives and made our day to day tasks easier. This can be seen in simple examples such as “Alexa” and “Siri”, our personal AI assistants that we carry around with us in our pockets.

In this article, we will discuss the future of work with AI as a defining force and how you can incorporate AI into your business.

Data Warehouse Automation as a Part of Active Intelligence

Active intelligence makes use of many software tools and technologies in order to deliver real-time and up to date data to decision-makers. Data warehouse automation is one of the technologies that form part of active intelligence.

In this article, we will discuss how warehouse automation provides security while making real-time and up to date information available to users.