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Qlik® DataMarket Explained

Qlik® DataMarket is an offering that provides Qlik® users with ready-to-use to data that has been processed from external sources. Acquiring data from external sources shouldn’t be more difficult than loading from internal sources, and users of any skill level should be able to easily associate external data with their internal data. Qlik® DataMarket makes this possible.

Benefits of Qlik® DataMarket

For companies working with big data, it’s imperative that it is organised, understandable and up-to-date.


Qlik DataMarket offers a number of free data sets for every Qlik Sense user. Freely search, acquire and augment with your own data. When you are ready, you can choose from a broad range of data packages that will make the most sense for your business.

Geoanalytic Data Visualisation Tools: Qlik GeoAnalytics

Qlik® GeoAnalytics is a powerful map data visualisation tool. It allows you to make better location-related decisions with analytics, used in conjunction with Qlik®Sense. Qlik® GeoAnalytics uses technology to compress and stream mapping data. With an integral location library that contains millions of pre-defined places and areas, any map within a Qlik®Sense application is automatically populated and updated.

What is geospatial data used for?

So, we have access to this intuitive, intelligent geoanalytic data visualisation tool, but why do we need the geospatial data that it produces? There are a few different instances where geospatial data is useful and important:

Tracking the COVID-19 Outbreak with GeoAnalytics

Since its worldwide growth and spread from Wuhan, China, Coronavirus has been a topic on everyone’s lips. Every single country has been affected by the changes that Coronavirus has brought about, especially those that have taken to lockdown as a measure of curbing the pandemic’s growth rate.

Using geospatial data, businesses, healthcare professionals, and governing organisations can monitor the pandemic, and the rate at which the virus is spreading and affecting different geographical areas. Not only a tool for targeting specific geographical markets in marketing, Qlik® GeoAnalytics is assisting organisations around the globe in assessing and measuring mortality rates and recoveries.

What is Qlik®’s Big Data Index?

Finding and managing high volumes of data can be challenging, especially when the data originates from different sources. With intelligent data management solutions from Qlik®, you can not only connect data sources, but easily manage the data and create detailed reports to gain valuable insights. A comprehensive big data index tool from Qlik® will allow you to do all this, and manage and analyse your big data according to your needs.

Data Visualisation: Why it is Beneficial

Having a dashboard data visualisation tool to assist your team in organising, managing and reporting on your data is a brilliant business strategy for maintaining efficiency. Data visualisation can change the way data is analysed, reported on and accessed for utilising.

What is Visualisation of Data?

Data visualisation presents data in an easy-to-understand way visually i.e. in a chart, pattern, graph etc. Given the amount of data that businesses generate on a daily basis, it is imperative to have a visualisation tool that acts as an interpreter between the data and the user.

Benefits of Data Visualisation

We have already mentioned a few of the main benefits, but having a data visualisation tool can help with: