2016 Must-See BI Trends

2016 is fast approaching and it’s bringing along a whole lot of changes to the business world. With technology continuously evolving and improving, the sky is the limit for where business intelligence is heading; however, we are able to foresee some of the major trends that will leading the business world and market tactics.

Here are 5 trends that will be leading the way in 2016:

Location Analytics

Location is a vital component of any business, especially when it comes to business location and marketing to new customers. This is why 2016 location tools will be very effective for companies when it comes to better business analytics.

Visual Data

As more and more people are exploring data, visual data is becoming more popular as experts and non-experts are able to capture visual information more quickly.

Predictive Analytics

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to make sure you use predictive analytics to help you make data-driven decisions. This will enable you to increase your business performance and stay ahead of the game.

More Data Scientists will be hired

As data analytics is becoming more and more influential in general decision making, Data Scientists and Analysts will be in demand in various industries. They can have a great influence on all the big decisions made in their business as they will be using analytics to steer their company’s direction.

Various Business Roles will integrate

This especially applies to line of business and IT people. To improve the efficiency of a business, if more people are able to use data analytics, processes will be more effective and less time wasting.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing came into play a couple of years ago and has been spiralling upwards ever since. With the growth of people owning multiple devices, they are now able to access data on various devices when they need it.

Mobile Analytics

With the increase of mobile device users, mobiles will not just serve as an interface to Business Intelligence applications, but more and more mobile specific products will emerge.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IOT will become even more important in 2016 as the volume on data that is collected and exchanged grows. This will enable companies to explore effective tools and share their findings on a secure network.

Data Integration

Data can emerge from various sources; however, working across all of these sources can be tedious and frustrating. This is why agile analytics will become more prominent, setting momentum to the use of sophisticated tools to combine various data from various places.