Business Intelligence through B2IT AiSearch: The Role of AI in Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already penetrated the global market with boundless opportunities to create an adaptive, machine learning workforce, as well as a smart system for data interaction and interpretation. By finding out more about the many benefits and opportunities presented by AI technologies, you will understand why driving towards AI-powered business intelligence through B2IT AiSearch is important.

What is AI?

AI builds technologies which can sense, understand and self-learn in order to drive productivity and economic growth in businesses. Examples of AI technology solutions being used and developed in global markets today are:

Virtual Agents – Virtual agents come in the form of online chatbots which replace call-centre agents and sales-support engineers. They can be used to help users navigate websites and to answer questions from potential and current clients.

Recommendation Systems – Smart recommendation systems are being used to enhance marketing initiatives and drive content targeting.

Data Analytics – AI solutions are able to retrieve and make use of large amounts of data from various platforms in order to translate it into usable statistics and virtualisations. An example of an AI-driven analytics software solution is B2IT AiSearch.

What Benefits and Services can AI offer to Businesses?

AI has the ability to provide businesses with many benefits and services which will bring about positive effects on customer retention as well as productivity. AI provides businesses with a collaborative and adaptive workforce which will increase competitiveness and accelerate decision-making. The collaboration of people and machines working together to solve problems, model communication strategies, and develop different production processes will increase revenue through a more effective digital strategies. A digital strategy which welcomes AI and other technologies is imperative to remaining relevant and competitive in your industry.

With Business Intelligence through B2IT AiSearch, Data is Accessible

With an AI-driven analytical software, you get generated insights which guide you to the relevant data for any given situation in your business operations, in any industry. This data becomes smarter over time as the machine learning capabilities of the software learns what you need. Simply ask the engine what you are looking for, find the relevant answer as with a search engine query and give your machine the feedback it needs to improve. Now, your next search will only get better and your employees have access to all the data they need to thrive.