How to build stylised QlikView Applications without any customisation

Customisations and extensions are powerful and cool and sometimes there is no other way to achieve your objectives, but did you know you can make QlikView Applications look and navigate like Rich User Interfaces by doing some of the following:

1.       Less borders – use less borders and when you do, use thinner lines drop the rounded corners;

2.       Softer (pastel) colours – these are easier on the eye and more appealing to users;

3.       Transparent objects – Especially graphs;

5.       Use these same actions to set variables that you will use to control colours;

6.       Use text boxes to navigate by:

a.       Adding your actions (point 5) to these text boxes;

b.      Make the background a picture (icon) and transparent (for point c) to be effective;

c.       Change the background behind and around the text box depending on the values of certain variables (point 4).

For an example (not developed by me, but a good example nevertheless) of how these techniques can be used have a look at

And to download an example go to