Latest Upgrades For Business Intelligence Tools

Gone are the days that business data simply consisted of files stored on a computer. Data has become very crucial for businesses as it is used to enable and improve decision-making processes. With the help of ever-evolving Business Intelligence tools and with the emerging realisation of how critical data is for business growth, businesses are starting to take a deeper look into their data compilation.

By rethinking their data structuring and processing, organisations have evolved from static processes that lack in overall output to processes that involve the smart capturing of data that gains relevant information and expands on the insight needed for decision-making.

There are a few Business Intelligence tools with outstanding features. With the assistance of multi-purpose dashboards and guidance that helps companies extract critical information, there is no excuse for not implementing a powerful Business Intelligent tool to enable better data capturing and processing within your company. Below are some of the top advancement in Business Intelligence tools:

QlikView 12

As a seamless upgrade from Qlikview Version 11.x, Qlikview Version 12 supports the second generation QIX engine; this is the same engine that powers Qlik Sense and the Qlik Analytics Platform. Besides making the customer’s experience simple and intuitive, the new version is also capable of meeting the highest level of security, which is equipped for companies and even government and military organisations. Mobile touch and clustering have also been advanced, plus a new RESTful API connector, Qlik DataMarket, etc. has also been added to the new version. Learn more about Qlikview…

Pentaho 6.1

Pentaho 6.1, the new Pentaho version, has enhanced features which enable the BI developers to deliver maximum output and, at the same time, enable improved documentation to the business heads. Emphasis has been put on agility and automation with the addition of an advanced flexibility in deeper inline modelling and data services, and tweaks in foundational enterprise platform.  Also, standardisation and expansion of metadata injection enabled transformations has been confirmed.

Tableau 9

The effective data visualisation tool, Tableau, has come up with interesting features for users which mainly consists of visual analytics, faster speed, a clearer layout and an enterprise facility; this involves smartphone availability and cloud technology.

MS Power BI

Microsoft developed and launched this fantastic product a few years ago. New additions have been added to this product, including advanced reports view, newly added data connectors, the row-level security access, enhanced DB connectors, new data transformations, etc. All these new features definitely add value to the Microsoft Power BI users.

Adapted from How different Business Intelligence Tools are evolving and adding a value to the businesses?  by Shweta Joshi.