Qlik.com: A Leader in the Visual Analytics Market

If you’ve ever wondered how growing businesses deal with the increased difficulty of maintaining productivity levels when delegating to a larger workforce, the answer may be more multi-dimensional than you think!

The decision maker in a business that delegates any project must have good co-ordination with all other employees. But how these decision makers delegate the project movement and interact with employees is often what defines the entire process.

So, how do we streamline complex internal processes and make sure that the information we receive is meaningful and relevant to everyone in the company, especially those contributing to the project? Qlik.com’s mission is:

·to harness collective intelligence of every contributor in an organization

·to illustrate vast amounts of data

·to make this data and collective intelligence accessible to everyone

·to guarantee that decisions on all levels can be made effectively

This solution by no means replaces the human aspect present in any company, but rather aims to amplify it, harness and streamlines this element and direct its energy and intelligence to areas where it can be applied more effectively. Making data more comprehensible to this intelligence opens up many doors within a business, where human innovation can thrive on higher quality information.

Our initiative is comprised of three core solutions, founded on our unique and privately developed software technology. Among these are QlikView, a Guided Analytic program that compiles data to streamline the end-user decision-making process, making relevant information readily available and accessible.

Similar to this, Qlik Sense allows end-users to create visualisations and layouts that are also well suited to other contributors who will find the information valuable. Whereas Qlikview provides a structured report, Qlik Sense can further improve the accessibility of the data in question to the sensibilities of other users, not just developers, for example.

What Qlik.com aims to do, then, is to show your business the whole story: It takes all forms of gathered data in your company processes and turns it into information that will help decision makers improve project movements. Help grow your business by streamlining all your company’s productivity!


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