Qlik Sense Data Sources

As technology advances, companies around the world are given more and more opportunity to integrate their data on cloud platforms that will help associate dimension in data models with one another. Qlik Sense is available in South Africa, and is a perfect example of a business intelligence tool which project managers and business leaders can use to decipher what their data is telling them.

Qlik Sense allows its users to make informed decisions by revealing actionable insight based on data patterns, trends, and relationships between various goal outcomes and statistic reports. An example of this can be the relationship between the success rate of sales and delivery, and how it is affected by external factors such as climate or traffic. Statistics and charts on Qlik Sense are automatically wired together to expand exploration ability so that more and more information can be gathered and connected as it is recorded. This makes it extremely efficient at real-time reporting, allowing users to identify trends and take action faster and more effectively.

Qlik Sense Data Visualisation

Business leaders and project managers can use Qlik Sense data visualisation to break down statistics to other employees in a way that is easy to interpret and follow, optimising strategic decision-making processes. Visual analytics can be personalised and shared digitally across all platforms within a company, making it easy for people to understand and implement important changes based on predictive analytics. A visual data model tool like this, therefore, reduces unnecessary conflict and confusion within a workplace, making various project management styles and business goal outcomes more successful.

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