Qlik Sense Demo

There is immense power in having access to accurate data reporting and analytics to measure and drive business decisions. It’s even better when the tools you’re using can perform these complex tasks with simplicity for the user. Qlik® Sense is one such tool that can assist. It empowers business people to explore their data on a visually-stimulating, easy-to-understand platform.

It offers a variety of features and capabilities allowing businesses to:

  • Analyse customer behavioural data and identify valuable trends
  • Understand their return on investment on marketing campaigns
  • Maximise the value of marketing spend with real-time monitoring of campaigns
  • Easily share real-time insights across departments and branches.

Watch a Qlik® Sense Video

To familiarise yourself with the application before you commit to trying a demo, or signing up for a trial, you can opt to simply watch a Qlik® Sense tour to know what to expect.

Qlik® Sense Demo with B2IT

In order to get the most out of the feature-rich Qlik® Sense platform, a Qlik® Sense demo is recommended. Once a user understands all of the features, it becomes simple to continuously generate accurate reporting as time goes on.

B2IT is a team of Qlik® experts who are well versed in Qlik® products and can assist with developing the analytics platform according to our clients’ needs. We empower users with knowledge on the platform so that our clients can assist other members of their teams.

Try Qlik® Sense for Free

For those who want to get a taste of what Qlik® Sense can do, we offer free trials with Qlik® Sense download and development information and assistance, so that anyone who you need to try the powerful business intelligence tool can do so.

Qlik® Sense is a powerful data visualisation tool that can be used to source data from a wide range of systems that is cloud-hosted or on-premises, which can then be used to create dashboards that track the metrics relevant to your needs.


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