The Difference Between Business Intelligence and Active Intelligence Supply Chain Optimisation

It is crucial for a business to consistently increase its level of efficiency to ensure growth. The best way to ensure that productivity is consistently increasing and that deliverables are being met with ease, is to optimise one’s supply chain.

In this article, we will explore the difference between business intelligence and active intelligence supply chain optimisation, so that you can choose the best software for your business.

What is Supply Chain Optimisation?

A supply chain can be defined as the process that is put in place and adhered to, in order to provide a client with a product or service. When it is successful, a client is left satisfied; however, when a supply chain fails, a client will have an unfavourable customer experience. This will negatively affect the reputation of your business and if this happens repeatedly, it could eventually result in a business closing down. Supply chain optimisation aims to prevent a supply chain from failing. It does this by making use of technology such as BI (Business Intelligence) and AI (Active Intelligence).

What is Supply Chain Optimisation in Business Intelligence?

BI, otherwise known as business intelligence, makes use of data that has been collected over time and predicts future events based on that information. This will allow you to monitor how past processes have worked, where they have faltered, and come up with ideas that could provide the solution to a more efficient supply chain.

Active Intelligence in Supply Chain Optimisation

Active intelligence is based on real-time and live data that has been designed in order to encourage decision-makers to act on the spot. Because of this, supply chain optimisation that is supported by active intelligence is also centred around a constant feed of information on current conditions. This allows for an organisation to take immediate action as events are occurring and can prevent a supply chain from faltering or fix the problem as it is occurring.

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