The importance of a platform for effective analytics

Analytics is complex – especially when working with large amounts of data that require processing. When data is constantly being generated at a rapid rate it is hard to keep up. You need a way of organising data before the analytics can be effective.  The Qlik® Analytics Platform provides this, and then some.

The information is all in one place

The Qlik® Analytics Platform is accessible from any device or app, meaning you can use it at anytime from anywhere. Having access to all the relevant data from a single platform makes data analytics much more approachable. Internal and external data from QlikView Market® can be used for this analysis. This allows you to use the Qlik® core products cohesively so they all serve your data analysing needs.

Collective, visualised data

Visualised data makes discussions and reporting, and thus, analysis, much more user-friendly. Develop, extend and embed visual analytics using the Qlik® Analytics Platform. You can nurture and report on the data using one coherent platform thanks to embedded analytics.

The single platform and its user-friendly nature mean that all users can understand, contribute to and gain value from the visualised data presented by the analytics platform.

When you are faced with a problem that is rooted in data, you can access the relevant report on the Qlik® Sense Unified Hub and on NPrinting and then study the information that was distributed. Data storytelling will reveal any fluctuations in data with graphs and charts. Once you have reviewed the narrative you can analyse the data in order to identify the fluctuation and proceed to correct the issue. This will revolutionise your position in the business intelligence marketplace.

Data has never before achieved such a large influx rate from on- and off-premises. One needs to be able to interpret this data or it is useless. QlikView Data & analytics allows you to make the most informed decision based on data you have been able to see, understand, interpret and analyse.

Qlik® Analytics Platform increases profitability and security, improves management and provides a certain business architecture which allows you to attempt to foresee where your business will go. You can now make predictions based on solid, analysed data in order to propel your business.