Using NPrinting for Qlikview to Streamline Your Business

Compiling vast amounts of data into accessible reports is something that the professional world of work has come to rely on to make informed business decisions. Predictive analytics has become a multi-disciplinary field that can be implemented to streamline near any business. So, how can you make use of this process to streamline yours?

NPrinting for QlikView allows you to create detailed reports from your QlikView document and Qlik Sense applications in PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML format.

This reporting platform not only generates these detailed reports, but also provides users of the Qlik Sense hub easy access to consult them in a variety of ways.

The reports that are generated are based on templates created by you, or based on QlikView and Qlik Sense entities, which goes a long way in personalising how the information is presented to those who will consult them. These files are can then be scheduled to be distributed at a specific time and to specific users, or can be uploaded to the Qlik Sense hub for universal access.

To speed up the generation process, these jobs are distributed across multi-thread engines that process information at high speed to guarantee the timeous delivery of information. The web interface allows for access on desktop, as well as mobile devices, and can even be linked to from emails, allowing for easy access.

PixelPerfect is an application that allows for report customization after they’ve been created through features like scripting, conditional formatting, table of contents, shapes, and your logos and images, further simplifying the interpretation process.

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