What Is Best VS What Is Practical?

When it comes to our Qlik products, which are best? Well, Qlik’s PennySue Werthessen’s article Disruption Can Be Sneaky has lead me to ask which is best for you and you situation, rather than which is best.

Werthessen explains how, even though she has a proper DSLR camera, she tends to take more, if not most, photographs with her cell phone. I do the same thing, because sometime carrying the “real” camera seems like a schlep when you are already carrying your cell phone camera in your pocket or handbag.

So to answer my question about what is best, or what is best for you now; the DSLR camera is without a doubt the better camera, but the phone camera is quick, easy, and light so we use that anyway. One is clearly best, the other is practical. And often in this busy world practical wins.

The same applies to Qlik products – neither is really better, but one may be better for you. QlikView is a old and trusted favourite, and people were sceptical about “replacing” that with Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense is evolving, just as the cell phone did, and QlikView is a classic, yet in this case no one is better than the other. Fortunately, we don’t have to choose, we can embrace the new, Qlik Sense, and use it alongside our beloved QlikView.

In true essence, BI means making use of all the tools available to you to get the most out of your data, so be sure to approach the new with an open mind as well.