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Qlik® GeoAnalytics: How Location-Based Data Can Help Your Business

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With Qlik® GeoAnalytics, you can gain access to a dynamic and feature-rich mapping solution for Qlik® Sense. The powerful Qlik® GeoAnalytics tool will allow you to add exclusive geographical insight to your existing data solution with Qlik® Sense. Using this location-based data, you can add a whole new dynamic to the data that you use to make important business decisions.

B2IT Joins the Qlik® Global Conference to Provide More Value

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How do one of the expert resellers of Qlik® data solutions and Qlik® Sense in South Africa provide more value? In order to continuously provide organisations and businesses in Africa with leading Qlik® solutions, we make it part of our values to remain up to date with the latest product news and trends. At B2IT, we provide Qlik® data solutions and products like  Qlik® Sense in South Africa using the latest, best-practice knowledge.

In order to harness the power of Qlik® to drive digital transformation, B2IT travelled across the world to Texas, USA to attend Qonnections: Qlik® Global Conference as a means to stay in touch with the latest software developments in the global market.

What exclusive insights and innovations did we gain from Qonnections 2019?

QlikView® to Qlik® Sense: Choosing the Best BI Upgrade for Your Enterprise

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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, but highly intuitive BI solution to upgrade to, Qlik®Sense is the answer for you. When comparing QlikView® to Qlik® Sense, Qlik® Sense is the preferred option for users who are looking to upgrade their software solution in order to harness more benefits and get the best self-service functionality. Let’s take a look at why you should consider upgrading your business intelligence software to Qlik® Sense based on how much more it has to offer, all neatly packaged as a cost-effective and feature-rich solution.

Why Your Employees Should Have Access to Data

B2IT_Qlik Sense Why Your Employees Should Have Access to Data

You should empower your employees with access to the data that they need to perform their jobs in order to improve productivity and streamline operations. Using business intelligence tools that are optimised for self-service use, like Qlik® Sense, you can empower your employees to make use of a user-friendly tool that will give them access to the data that you allow them to see. This will help your business in a few ways and it will empower your employees with the benefits of access to relevant and useful data.

So, why should your employees have access to data?