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Optimise Your Business with QlikView

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Making the right decisions is a business owner's most important responsibility. To ensure that the right decisions are made, all important data and information is required; however, sometimes this still isn't enough. With the vast amount of data that accumulates through a variety of business channels, data can be too overwhelming and, therefore, not at all useful to anybody trying to draw out information.

Managers and business owners in South Africa and all around the globe have access to a solution that will make their business operations and management so much easier. The solution is QlikView, a flexible platform that helps users turn vast amounts of confusing data into valuable data that users can understand and use.

5 Business trends to follow in 2017

QlikView south africa

1. Embrace the power of the internet   

This is the number one trend to follow. It's not exactly new per say, but lots of companies are not taking full advantage of the internet's benefits. Companies in South Africa must focus more on:

·         Remote employees
This especially includes specialists. Since people can work from just about anywhere, there is no need for all tasks to be done in the office. Outsource important work to professionals, wherever they are.

Building a Dynamic BI Ecosystem with QlikView

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QlikView is rapidly turning complex ETL processes into easy and effective decision-making opportunities. The acquisition, architecture and distribution of data relies on multifaceted analytical ecosystems, which is why QlikView has stepped up to the plate; and with the help of extensible technology a dynamic BI platform for IT professionals, developers and business users alike.    

How does QlikView make BI more effective and accessible?

QlikView: looking into a good data model

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A well designed data model is a significant factor behind the success of a QlikView project. The architecture and structure of a data model must be well thought through to avoid strings of complicated and unnecessary data presenting itself in the future. 

Let's focus on what QlikView professional Steven Dark says about rocky data model foundations and starting a QlikView project the right way:

“What all too often happens is that the data model from the underlying source database is pulled in, with its existing join fields and system field names. A developer will be forced to deal with some immediate issues, such as synthetic keys, but will sometimes (once they have something that ‘kind of works') leave it at that.  This can sometimes be okay on small data volumes – but it certainly will not scale and causes much extra effort down the line.” A Leader in the Visual Analytics Market

QlikView south africa

If you've ever wondered how growing businesses deal with the increased difficulty of maintaining productivity levels when delegating to a larger workforce, the answer may be more multi-dimensional than you think!

The decision maker in a business that delegates any project must have good co-ordination with all other employees. But how these decision makers delegate the project movement and interact with employees is often what defines the entire process.

So, how do we streamline complex internal processes and make sure that the information we receive is meaningful and relevant to everyone in the company, especially those contributing to the project?'s mission is:

·to harness collective intelligence of every contributor in an organization

·to illustrate vast amounts of data