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How to build stylised QlikView Applications without any customisation

Customisations and extensions are powerful and cool and sometimes there is no other way to achieve your objectives, but did you know you can make QlikView Applications look and navigate like Rich User Interfaces by doing some of the following:

1.       Less borders – use less borders and when you do, use thinner lines drop the rounded corners;

2.       Softer (pastel) colours – these are easier on the eye and more appealing to users; 

3.       Transparent objects - Especially graphs;

5.       Use these same actions to set variables that you will use to control colours;

6.       Use text boxes to navigate by:

a.       Adding your actions (point 5) to these text boxes;

The Significance Of QlikView

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Individuals who are reliant on BI have long discovered the significance of QlikView Business Discovery Platform.  The platform and associated services have been growing rapidly over the past decade.  The platform is renowned for its capacity to assist users in uncovering insights that have been overlooked by other BI tools.  It is also known for its use of visualizations, which make it easier to comprehend and explain to others. 

Removing QlikView Backend (Script) Variables from the Frontend


In QlikView, variables created in the backend (script) are automatically available for use in the frontend. The problem with this is, that you don't always need all the script variables in the frontend. These can be variables used for things like loop counters and variables for storing table names and files locations, etc.

A Concise Guide To The QlikView BI Platform

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What is Business Information (BI) Platform?

BI platforms are important to any business. They allow businesses to use information spun from raw data for the purposes of analysing their business operations and growing their businesses. In many instances, they can be the literal difference between success and failure because of the perspective and direction such information can help give a business in going forward successfully.