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Is Qlik® Sense Suitable for Beginners in Data Analytics? And other FAQs

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Is Qlik® Sense for beginners? Is it only for professional data analysts? Why Qlik® Sense? Is Qlik® Sense Free?

Here at B2IT we like to answer all the queries you may have relating to our Qlik® data solutions range. Qlik® Sense, in particular, is a dynamic business intelligence tool that has not surprisingly generated a lot of interest from businesses across industries. There are a number of FAQs regarding Qlik® Sense and we would like to provide you with valuable answers to said questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, contact us to meet with our Qlik® specialists to have any and all of your queries answered.

Do You Need a Qlik® Sense Tutorial?

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If you, your colleagues or your employees are struggling to get the most out of the feature-rich Qlik® Sense cloud and desktop data analytics platform, you may be in need of a Qlik® Sense tutorial. Qlik® specialists who are well versed in Qlik® products and developing the analytics platform for their clients will be able to offer expert assistance to users who are still new to using the application. The Qlik® Sense desktop and cloud application is easy to use and is designed to welcome anyone into the world of data analytics, however you may need a tutorial to know how best to get the most out of the valuable BI tool.

How to Use Qlik NPrinting to Impress at Your Next Meeting

B2IT_How to Use Qlik NPrinting to Impress at Your Next Meeting

Qlik’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions come in a variety of products and value-added server-based applications that give you access to next-generation data and analysis capabilities. However, you may already have Qlik Sense, a powerful data management platform, but you are looking for more ways to extend the already great solution. Why not consider Qlik NPrinting* to boost your features and impress at meetings?

* “Qlik” here for a quick product tour!

Qlik Sense: Analytics That Delight and Empower Businesses

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Many executives know the immense power of having access to analytics in order to measure and drive business decisions, however they do not know that all of this can be done simply and effectively. With Qlik Sense, businesses have the opportunity to easily explore information and gain trusted insights which can be used to solve complex business challenges. Qlik Sense provides business with a number of benefits and opportunities, all made easily accessible by the Qlik Specialists, B2IT.

Business Intelligence that Allows You to Get Closer to Your Customers

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Business intelligence software, such as Qlik Sense, is not just a conglomeration of data; it is a platform that interprets and visualises the data you need to get closer to your customers. In order for marketing investment to be effective and fruitful, you need to access statistics and information that can drive your marketing streams to speak to your customers with personalisation and accuracy. Read on to find out how your marketing efforts can be improved and allow you to get closer to your customers, and what business intelligence can do to assist you in this process.