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Driving Business Intelligence for the Automotive Industry

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B2IT has implemented Qlik data management solutions into various businesses that form a part of the automotive industry in South Africa. The implementation of these products have been a great success and have resulted in the curation of many benefits for the client.

Using Qlik Sense and other Qlik products, as well as best-practice integration and development skills, B2IT seeks to promote this game-changing platform to other automotive businesses in order to give everyone the opportunity to improve decision-making and reap the benefits of using business intelligence to drive strategy.

Visually-Appealing Data Reports: Why it Matters

B2IT NPrinting by Qlik

By placing data into a visual concept with NPrinting by Qlik, information and statistics are displayed in an easy-to-understand visualisation. By conveying data into a visual report, large amounts of information can be condensed and filtered to display only the important and relevant pieces of data. By glancing through the various features and benefits of NPrinting by Qlik ,which offers you comprehensive visualisation capabilities, one can easily see how visually-appealing data reports can form part of any enterprise strategy.

Planning Your Business’ 2019 Strategy? Use Data!

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If you’re planning your business’ annual strategy, be sure to make use of data which is easy to interpret and has the ability to help you make informed business decisions. With Qlik data software, you can choose a platform which suits your data needs best; from Qlik Sense to QlikView. Read on to find out more about the benefits of integrating Qlik data insights into your strategy meetings to impress stakeholders and improve results.

Qlik® Sense: Data for People on the Move

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Become more mobile with your business’ data with Qlik® Sense. Qlik® Sense is available in South Africa through Qlik Specialists, B2IT, who strive to provide businesses with intelligent data solutions which are easily accessible and designed for people on the move.

With Qlik® Sense, a versatile tool that can be used to integrate data and share insights, data can be quickly and easily collected, accessed, and shared which allows businesses to make informed decisions on time and on the move.

Captivating Data Reports, Rich in Features and Possibilities

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Create captivating data reports using the many features and functions of NPrinting for QlikView and other Qlik Sense applications. Using the analytics and data from Qlik, NPrinting allows you to build captivating, multimedia reports which can be distributed to recipients in a variety of ways. Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of adding NPrinting by Qlik to your data strategy.