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What is big data and how do you untangle its web?

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Big data is a concept that has come to life in the last fifty years and now we finally have the means to make sense of it. Even over the last decade, since about 2005, a micro SD card went from holding 128 megabytes to 128 gigabytes. Today we have so much power that we can not only collect massive amounts of data but process and analyse it too. Because after all, what is the use of data if it cannot be analysed?

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Data warehousing and predictive analytics have, in many ways, become the future of business development. Empowered to translate stores of business data into intelligible language, able to interpret packaged interactive reporting systems, your company’s internal processes can be streamlined like never before.

Giving your business’ stakeholders access to a wellspring of information provides them with a valuable resource: information that illuminates which business processes should be improved or scrapped based on performance. In this way, unnecessary resource expenditures can be curbed. Your business is likely to already have the data – you just need someone to package it for you.

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As a modern business owner, you’re probably no stranger to the flood of data that your business generates – even on a normal working day. Whether it is information relating to the peak sales times of shoes, which foods sells well right before noon at your shop in Rosebank or a log of complex buyer behaviours and patterns, the pace at which data is created and stored is staggering. The dilemma most businesses who have collected these vast amounts of data face, however, is that they often lack the tools to utilise it to its full potential.