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Spot On with Qlikview Load Statements

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Qlik specialists and Qlik partners have made the business of finding information, and doing so efficiently, much easier than in the past. You no longer need to slog through mountains of data, because a wide range of Qlik products are available for specialists to use in order to find and analyse exactly what they need, and to present it in the most efficient manner. One aspect of this is the use of Qlikview load statements.


Why Choose B2IT for Your Business?

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Receiving a mountain of business-related data every day is something your company can either ignore or harness as its greatest strength. All you need is the right tools to tackle the climb with, so why don’t you let us kit you out for your ascent? With B2IT’s data collection and processing applications and services, we can guarantee that you’ll reach the top in no time –getting a grip on your business data is, after all, synonymous with getting ahead of the competition.

What is big data and how do you untangle its web?

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Big data is a concept that has come to life in the last fifty years and now we finally have the means to make sense of it. Even over the last decade, since about 2005, a micro SD card went from holding 128 megabytes to 128 gigabytes. Today we have so much power that we can not only collect massive amounts of data but process and analyse it too. Because after all, what is the use of data if it cannot be analysed?