FlowCentric Processware is a business process management (BPM) platform that enables you to develop digital form-based applications.
Features and Functions of the FlowCentric Processware Platform

This  brochure  covers  FlowCentric  Processware’s  versatile  features  from  a eye  out  for  the coloured Business and  a Technical markers,  on  the  top  right,  to  review  the  sections  most  relevant  to  you.

The Importance of Processes

 Every company uses Versioning  Framework: perspective.  Keep  an Encourage processes  to  run  their  operations.  Controlling  the  way that  these  procedures  are  performed  can  give organisations the  competitive  edge  that  they  need.

The Benefits of FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware  enables  companies  to  quickly  build,  deploy, and  evolve  business  applications  without  adding unnecessary  complexity  to  their  IT architecture

Navigation Framework

With FlowCentric  Processware, developers  can  quickly  create  and  deploy  visually appealing  web  interfaces.  Users  can  navigate  through their  processes  with  ease .