K4 Analytics: Write-back and agile planning for your Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms
Audit Trail, Workflow, Approval Process, Allocation Process and more

K4 Analytics is a modular solution which seamlessly extends leading BI platforms (such as Qlik Sense® and QlikView®) by adding integrated data entry with write-back support and leveraging the familiar spreadsheet interface.

Manage Simplicity

You can use K4 to manage a simple profit and loss statement with amazing speed and simplicity: just build the template in MS Excel, link cells to data and use it inside Qlik. Users are not required have Excel installed.

Distribute Planning Processes

You can manage a distributed planning process with multiple users entering data in a shared database with full control to K4 Audit Trails feature.

Web Service Application

K4 is a web service application driven by the K4 extensions for QlikView and Qlik Sense. The extension objects let it work seamless in your Qlik applications, in a multi-users  and colaborative context. The K4 extension loads data dynamically from Qlik and SQL datasets and merges them into an Excel file used as a template.