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Data Balancing Tool

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This tool has been designed to do balancing tests between two datasets efficiently and accurately, and with little hassle. In most cases a source data extract will be used to determine if the data structure and content of your QlikView data model is balancing back to the source system and that your analysis of the data is correct.

In this example we will be using 2 small files which will be easy to cross check manually by eye but will be very difficult to do on actual large datasets as indicated in below screenshots.

Data Set 1(This represents a data extract from the source):

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Data Set 2(This represents the bi end result data needed to be balance checked). Note some differences has been highlighted which has been spotted manually by eye:

Latest Upgrades For Business Intelligence Tools

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Gone are the days that business data simply consisted of files stored on a computer. Data has become very crucial for businesses as it is used to enable and improve decision-making processes. With the help of ever-evolving Business Intelligence tools and with the emerging realisation of how critical data is for business growth, businesses are starting to take a deeper look into their data compilation.

By rethinking their data structuring and processing, organisations have evolved from static processes that lack in overall output to processes that involve the smart capturing of data that gains relevant information and expands on the insight needed for decision-making.

Which Industries Can Benefit From A BI Solution?

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Companies have advanced and become more dependent on business intelligence (BI) solutions. Although certain industries have naturally used advanced solutions more than others, BI is not at all limited to specific industries. Many different job sectors can use guided analytics to ensure better agility and timely insights; plus, the modern guided analytics tools available enables businesses of all sizes to:

Optimise Data Visualisations with Colour

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If used correctly, colour is a very effective tool that you can use to visually display data.

Colour can be used to encode extra meaning into your charts; however, it can become an issue if colour is used for no real purpose. Instead of splashing colour onto your charts for appeal, rather use colour so that various audiences are able to obtain relevant information.

Remember that no matter how well data is presented, if the data is not correct, it is useless. Using guided analytics, such as QlikView business intelligence software, will ensure that your data is organised and effective.

Why your business needs to be “Data Driven”

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Business intelligence is a software that has taken data, and turned it into fact-based insights that can be used to make effective business decisions, as opposed to relying on opinions and ideas. This is why you should care:

Business intelligence does four things

·         Reporting – the software provides you with reports on past activity and data relating to your business.

·         Analysing – business intelligent software analyses standard productivity software to anticipate future business performance in relation to a number of circumstances.

·         Queries – this software enables the user to create customized data queries