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Business Intelligence

A Concise Guide To The QlikView BI Platform

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What is Business Information (BI) Platform?

BI platforms are important to any business. They allow businesses to use information spun from raw data for the purposes of analysing their business operations and growing their businesses. In many instances, they can be the literal difference between success and failure because of the perspective and direction such information can help give a business in going forward successfully. 

Explaining QlikView.Next: The Next Generation BI Platform.

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The QlikView Business Discovery Platform has long been a favourite among those who rely on BI. The platform and QlikView's associated services have experienced rapid growth over the last decade, growing to more than 1,000 clients in South Africa alone by 2012. The platform is known for its ability to help users uncover insights other BI tools overlook, as well as putting data into visualisations that make it easy to understand and explain to others who may not be as fluent in BI. The next generation, known as QilkView.Next, is designed to do this in an even more intuitive way. This will allow users to better analyse, visualise and interpret data, making it more useful in making decisions that grow their businesses. 

What Business Intelligence Implementation Means For Your Organization

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The importance of interpreting data as it comes cannot be stressed enough. Many businesses have suffered setbacks due to poor data interpretation. Business Intelligence provides a workable platform for executives to craft new decisions in order to circumvent these setbacks. Some have surmised that the explosion of cloud-based services has rendered CIOs irrelevant in the business world. But this couldn't be more wrong. The participation of an independent mind is still as valuable as it was thirty years ago. Perhaps even more so. For all the advances we've made in computing and automation, we're still largely reliant on the perception and unique foresight of a breathing, living human being in making sense of raw data.

The Advantages of a Robust BPM Solution

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In today's business environment, holistic Business Process Management (BPM) has gained precedence over simple business process outsourcing. In the past, vendors were expected to deliver to metrics detailed in service level agreements. Today, clients expect a strong positive influence on business outcomes, improving operational efficiencies, creating superlative product and service experiences for the firm's end customers and importantly, making a favourable impact on profit margins. The role of a BPM solution is to translate business opportunities into tangible solutions that lower costs or improve profitability.

Why Should Your Business Count on B2IT?


The barrage of data coming in everyday can be overwhelming without the assistance of an efficient Business Intelligence tool. Using such tool is the only way you can make sense of the heaps of convoluted numbers that are somehow important to the operation. B2IT provides a way for businesses to collect data and process it into valuable information needed in decision making. Sustaining your business's success is contingent upon your ability to keep pace with everything: market forces, consumer demand, expenditures, etc. And they can be determined when you have cold, hard facts right in front of you.

QlikView Is The Best Business Intelligence Platform

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Business owners and managers in South Africa and around the world are often searching for suitable solutions for their businesses in order to make operations and management easier, more convenient and to help improve efficient and profitability. Most operations are moving onto the digital platform as this is a fast, easy and convenient way of finding useful solutions. The same can be said of a new business intelligence platform known as QlickView. This platform is said to be a very flexible platform that presents BI or business intelligence in a manner that helps users turn the data into knowledge. This is why business owners should get the best service business intelligence with QlikView.

Business Intelligence For Mining Industry

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Though South Africa has long been a staple of the world's mining industry, having produced natural resources as well as gold and diamonds in huge numbers, the current state of South African mining sectors appear in jeopardy. The cost of energy has lead to lower usage of electricity, reducing the profit margins of coal mining operations and forcing some companies to lay off workers. With less labour and wages comes frustration and inefficiency from workers. The best way to counteract the current inefficiencies is to collect business intelligence for mining industry operations.

Business Intelligence Qlikview: Your Solution to Business Success

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Whether you are a business owner or a manager that handles a certain company, it is always important that you know how to manage your organization. You should be able to do that all the time to keep those numbers coming by the end of the day. However, this is not an easy task and there are so many things that you need to do to maintain everything about the company. From supervising the staff to analyzing the numbers, it is often a laborious job that can quickly take its toll on you. This is where business intelligence qlikview comes in.

Soaring High With Big Data Qlikview Business and Data Analysis

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The IT industry is definitely one of the fast rising industries in the world today. In less than a century, the IT industry has become an important part of the system of other industries. Manufacturing and production companies, for example, used the advances in automation with the use of IT devices. In the communication industry, data and bytes are now used in order to send photos, e-mails, text messages and other type of data in order to send out responses, queries and comments regarding a certain topic. No wonder ideas like big data qlikview are popular nowadays.