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Qlik Sense Business Intelligence; Data Capturing, Distribution and Analysis

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Qlik Sense is business intelligence software that allows you to receive specific data driven information from anywhere, quickly. How will this help your business? Simply put, this will help your business grow by allowing yourself and fellow employees to better understand, share and analyse data.


Qlik enjoys positive feedback after awards and Qlik Sense

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Qlik recently announced the winners of its annual global and regional partner awards. The awards were presented at the company’s global customer and partner event Qonnections 2017 in Florida in the US.

Senior vice president Toni Adams said their partners are the most critical component of Qlik’s go-to-market strategy and help them extend their leadership in delivering high-value solutions that meet customer’s business intelligence requirements from a single platform. “We are proud to acknowledge the achievements made in 2016 by Qlik partners, and look forward to continuing our mutual success in 2017,” he concluded.

Is there a difference between Business Intelligence and Business Activity Monitoring?

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The least intelligent business decisions would be to dismiss change. We can’t force today’s competitive environment not to be hot on our heels all the time, so we must accept change as a constant.

 Business Intelligence (BI) has been adapting since day one. BI’s evolution grew from being a simple support system for a single manager, to becoming the master of data mining, analytical processing,  querying and reporting. It’s evolution also introduced interactive online platforms with high security that large groups of decision-makers can access at any time.

 In between this evolution, around the early 2000’s, Gartner Inc. helped accelerate BI’s growth to fast forward by introducing Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

Realising the Benefits of Data with Qlik® Sense

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With Qlik® Sense, businesses gain access to the data they need in order to make insightful decisions which will lead to growth and success. Data, accessible via Business Intelligence (BI) software such as Qlik® Sense, can introduce benefits into any business in any industry. The benefits of data that can be realised through analytics platforms ranges from being able to make informed decisions to increasing productivity and efficiency.

At B2IT, our Qlik® Sense clients are awarded with benefits which include: maintaining relevancy, effectively marketing and measuring success with data that delights and empowers businesses.

QlikView® to Qlik® Sense: Choosing the Best BI Upgrade for Your Enterprise

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If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, but highly intuitive BI solution to upgrade to, Qlik®Sense is the answer for you. When comparing QlikView® to Qlik® Sense, Qlik® Sense is the preferred option for users who are looking to upgrade their software solution in order to harness more benefits and get the best self-service functionality. Let’s take a look at why you should consider upgrading your business intelligence software to Qlik® Sense based on how much more it has to offer, all neatly packaged as a cost-effective and feature-rich solution.

Why Your Employees Should Have Access to Data

B2IT_Qlik Sense Why Your Employees Should Have Access to Data

You should empower your employees with access to the data that they need to perform their jobs in order to improve productivity and streamline operations. Using business intelligence tools that are optimised for self-service use, like Qlik® Sense, you can empower your employees to make use of a user-friendly tool that will give them access to the data that you allow them to see. This will help your business in a few ways and it will empower your employees with the benefits of access to relevant and useful data.

So, why should your employees have access to data?

Qlik Sense: Analytics That Delight and Empower Businesses

B2IT_Qlik Sense Analytics that Delight and Empower

Many executives know the immense power of having access to analytics in order to measure and drive business decisions, however they do not know that all of this can be done simply and effectively. With Qlik Sense, businesses have the opportunity to easily explore information and gain trusted insights which can be used to solve complex business challenges. Qlik Sense provides business with a number of benefits and opportunities, all made easily accessible by the Qlik Specialists, B2IT.

Business Intelligence that Allows You to Get Closer to Your Customers

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Business intelligence software, such as Qlik Sense, is not just a conglomeration of data; it is a platform that interprets and visualises the data you need to get closer to your customers. In order for marketing investment to be effective and fruitful, you need to access statistics and information that can drive your marketing streams to speak to your customers with personalisation and accuracy. Read on to find out how your marketing efforts can be improved and allow you to get closer to your customers, and what business intelligence can do to assist you in this process.

Driving Business Intelligence for the Automotive Industry

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B2IT has implemented Qlik data management solutions into various businesses that form a part of the automotive industry in South Africa. The implementation of these products have been a great success and have resulted in the curation of many benefits for the client.

Using Qlik Sense and other Qlik products, as well as best-practice integration and development skills, B2IT seeks to promote this game-changing platform to other automotive businesses in order to give everyone the opportunity to improve decision-making and reap the benefits of using business intelligence to drive strategy.