A Brief Rundown of Power BI Data Visualisation

Microsoft Power BI consists of a collection of business intelligence (BI) tools. These tools include software services, apps, and data connectors. It is a cloud-based platform that can be deployed both on-premises and on-cloud. In essence, it is used to consolidate data from varied sources into a single data set. These data sets are then used for data visualisation, evaluation, and analysis. It does this by intuitively creating interactive dashboards, reports and apps that are sharable.

What Data Visualisation Tools from Microsoft Has to Offer

There is a multitude of functions that make Microsoft Power BI the obvious choice for those looking for a data visualisation tool.

Fast and In-depth Data Consumption

Power BI allows you to collaborate quickly on the go by providing you with all the visual data you need on one screen. You can delve deeply into data by integrating it into existing applications and embedding them to analyse your data in a targeted manner. Combined with interactive and intuitive visualised data, one can consume, share, and report on information quickly and effectively.

Manage, Create, Customise, Optimise and Analyse

You can manage and showcase data by highlighting certain insights in data sets, making it easier for your company to review and report on, as well as find trends. Anyone within your organisation can use Power BI to create powerful reports and customise them as required. The software is even able to visualise and customise data integrated from Microsoft Excel.

By combining AI with Power BI, you can connect with real-time and streaming data sources, both on-premises and cloud. It allows you to find insights from both structured and unstructured data, projecting and creating forecasts for easy consumption. Furthermore, it can generate real-time analytics of your organisational movements, enabling you to make prompt decisions.

Analysing and Visualising Data with Power BI

When you choose Power BI, your entire business is viewable on one dashboard; you can create stunning interactive reports, access consistent analysis across your organisation and easily embed BI and Analytics into your apps.

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