Business Process Management

Ensure that your business is run optimally by implementing Business Process Management software that actually works. By making use of software such as Collaborate and FlowCentric Processware, it is possible to build, implement, and maintain processes that actually work.

Business Process Management in South Africa

The Lifecycle Of a BPM

There are many steps within Business Process Management that makes up the lifecycle of a process. These steps typically consist of, but are not limited to:


In this step the current process is analysed and the ways it can be improved upon are identified. A new process is then designed, taking these points into consideration.


The newly designed process is visualised in different scenarios, ensuring that no variables are overlooked.


The new process that has been designed with improvements in mind is put to the test by implementing it in real situations.


A close eye is kept on the effectiveness of the new process, ensuring performance is measured.


If any new problems are detected they will be addressed and improved upon.

Business Process Management Products

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FlowCentric Processware

A powerful BPM-based platform for building process-driven business applications.

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Collaborate BPMN software; turning your business processes into tangible assets.

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