Document Understanding

Artificial Intelligence that can process and understand documents.

Document Understanding South Africa

Wide range of documents

Documents come in many layouts and formats. Fixed forms, unstructured, handwriting, checkboxes, signatures, rotated, skewed or low-resolution—UiPath Robots can handle them.

Quick start with AI

Make use of pre-trained machine learning models to enhance your bots with AI. Coupled with traditional RPA, AI document processing calls for highly intelligent robots that keep learning over time to become more accurate.

Easily build and deploy

Drag and drop Document Understanding activities into the user-friendly UiPath Studio environment. Occasionally validate data in UiPath Action Centre to handle exceptions and help robots understand your documents better.

Automate entire processes

Before Document Understanding, automated workflows required humans to step in and process documents manually. Now you can teach robots to handle an entire process. Humans only need to check in to validate data or handle exceptions.

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