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The practice of business intelligence (BI) has suffered for many years from the pretence that the information needs of business users can be predicted in advance. Much of what BI delivers is predetermined. Data is extracted from many sources, consolidated into a data warehouse, and recomputed into answers. At the end, you get a dashboard or report that shows you what you wanted. An example could be sales by region. But what invariably happens is once the data is presented it leads to more questions. If sales are down in the west, you need to know why. You need to see sales by representative and product, but typically, the dashboard or report can only show you what you originally asked for. If you want to ask additional questions or see new insights you must go back to IT and ask them to add exactly what you want to the report or dashboard.

What is needed is a dashboard with the power to ask and answer any question on the fly. In other words, if you can think it, you should be able to act on it. This would put business users in the driver’s seat, with profound implications for any organization. Instead of information pushed to the business user in a predetermined way, the right kind of dashboard would allow users to pull information spontaneously based on a conversational process of analysis.

We use the following tools are used for BI:

QlikView is used for Guided Analytics which entails the preparation of business applications. This includes developers creating detailed applications and playing close attention to:

  • data model,
  • general layout,
  • charts, and
  • formulae.

The applications are thereafter delivered to end-users; the end-users can view and navigate through the data in order to find information; namely, questions and answers.

Qlik Sense is a modern tool similar to QlikView; however, the end-users are given more freedom to create their own layout and visualisations (which is more limited with the QlikView tool). The user is more engaged and active; this is especially useful if the developer has no idea what the user wants to see. The Self-service experience of data discovery is responsive; therefore it is convenient for various sized touch screens and devices.

NPrinting is an advanced reporting application that is used by organisations to create, modify and deliver automated reports based on QlikView data and analytics. NPrinting is able to be converted to various software programs, filtered to create reports relevant to various individuals and has a scheduling interface that enables you to initiate tasks to refresh all your QlikView data and then populate your report templates with new data. Reporting has never been easier.

Company Profile

B2IT is a highly experienced company with more than 86 years of collective experience in the IT applications field and more than eight years in Business Intelligence.

Our 8–year-plus track record of no failed implementations speaks to our ability to work with customers to accurately define their needs and deliver results on time and within budget.