Finding a system that will sift through data and provide you with just the right information seems like the proverbial needle in the haystack. The QlikView Business Discovery platform helps organisations make data-driven decisions by giving greater insights into data

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Putting Business Intelligence Back Into Your Hands

QlikView’s Business Discovery platform will not only help you to organise all your data in an efficient manner but will also extract the information you need and present it in an easy-to-use, effective way. As a result, you will be able to make informed decisions and expand your business’s potential.

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QlikView Guided Analytics

Whether you are a business user, an IT professional or an IT developer, QlikView will open up doors that you never even knew existed and let you interact with data in unimaginable ways:

  • Create business-driven data discoveries with guided analytics
  • Experience controlled analytics that guides organisations to make meaningful decisions
  • Have full control over analytics apps, data management, and permissions
  • Control your layouts, designs, and dashboards
  • Customise tools for your organisation
  • Using APIs, integrate QlikView into your system management software
  • Integrate data sources into centrally managed apps and data to better analyse data
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Better, Easier, Accessible BI

For the Business User:

  • Create your own reports and answer your own queries
  • Use keywords to search your entire database
  • Discover and explore new trends and patterns to help you make innovative business decisions
  • Obtain insight into your data on your own or through teamwork – wherever and whenever

For the IT Professional:

  • Combine data from countless sources to create one complete dataset that users may use
  • Manage access and administrative functions to protect the data
  • Save time on writing and rewriting reports or altering models to meet your clients’ needs

For the IT Developer:

  • Create and manage data definitions in a few steps, as well as transformations and business logic
  • Design new apps with ease
  • Create and manipulate various visualisations
  • Write extensions with the QlikView Workbench, which is a Microsoft Visual Studio® plugin
  • Connect with enterprise portals and other cooperation sites

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