Active Intelligence and Hyperautomation

It isn’t a secret that business is constantly evolving, and ever-increasing its development into a fast-paced environment. The world of business was already moving towards hyperautomation, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has fast-tracked this movement. This leap towards hyperautomation is due to the sharp increase in remote working environments, e-commerce, supply chains, and more.

The increase in automation has been a lifesaver for many businesses, and has helped reduce the number of repetitive tasks once performed by employees. These tasks have now been taken over by automated processes. This has allowed for an increase in accuracy and production, empowering businesses to operate in a more efficient manner.

What is Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation focuses on business processes and creating bots to automate those processes, ultimately aiming to automate everything that can possibly be automated. This results in removing the human element where possible, to negate mistakes and improve efficiency. This is done by using Artificial Intelligence, RPA, Machine Learning, and a host of other technologies, to streamline business operations.  Eventually, this should evolve to such a level that intelligent automation should be able to scale automation initiatives.

Active Intelligence Allows for Hyperautomation

Active Intelligence uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to produce real-time data and analytics. Due to processes such as data integration and transformation being automated, the movement of data from one part of an organisation, to the other, is accelerated. This allows users to access the necessary data faster, while enabling them to action deeper analysis, and collaboration within a company. Active Intelligence allows your staff to focus more on trends and events, rather than making decisions based on “old” data or past events.

By introducing Active Intelligence into your business, you are increasing the amount of automation in your business. In this way, Active Intelligence can be seen as a technology that supports the achievement of hyperautomation.

The future is here, and to keep up with growing business demands, hyperautomation needs to be every company’s goal. To find out more about how Active Intelligence can support your hyperautomation goals, contact us at B2IT.