Business Intelligence Technology and Big Data

Big data is shaping the future of business processes, and business intelligence and analytics tools can help to form it effectively. Business intelligence technology like QlikSense® is one of these tools that can organise and help manage big data requirements.

What Can BI Tools Do with Big Data?

Customer Intelligence

We are living in an era where customers have become accustomed to receiving personalised experiences to fulfil their requirements. BI technology takes that guesswork out of what our customers want, by allowing data to be readable enough to analyse what they are responding most to. Using this information, you can create rich, memorable customer experiences that not only keep them coming back for more, but get them spreading the word about your business to others.

New Business Opportunities

This valuable customer insight will illuminate patterns of behaviour. You can reel more business in by using the information at hand on your ideal target audience. Insights into what is working for your business can guide you in the direction you need to be headed in order to succeed. With accurate analytics, you can make decisions that minimise risks, and maximise rewards.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

With these insights, you are getting one-up on all of your competition. Not only are you appealing to the right customers, but you are optimising the way that you’re engaging with them, improving your chances of being the first choice out of your other competitors.

QlikSense has been specifically designed to present complex, big data in an easily comprehensible way. By organising and showcasing data in the form of graphs, charts and other graphics, users are able to easily read patterns and trends. Searching through the data is easy and therefore, reporting can be done efficiently and accurately.

B2IT offers a host of BI tools to simplify and manage your big data. Contact us for more information and advice on the right software for your needs.