Geoanalytic Data Visualisation Tools: Qlik GeoAnalytics

Qlik® GeoAnalytics is a powerful map data visualisation tool. It allows you to make better location-related decisions with analytics, used in conjunction with Qlik®Sense. Qlik® GeoAnalytics uses technology to compress and stream mapping data. With an integral location library that contains millions of pre-defined places and areas, any map within a Qlik®Sense application is automatically populated and updated.

What is geospatial data used for?

So, we have access to this intuitive, intelligent geoanalytic data visualisation tool, but why do we need the geospatial data that it produces? There are a few different instances where geospatial data is useful and important:

Refine Sales and Marketing

Businesses can make use of geospatial data to determine demographics in an area so that they can target their audiences with specific marketing and sales campaigns. This data can include:

  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Age
  • Purchase history
  • Trends

View Statistics on Widespread Disasters

Given the current Coronavirus pandemic, organisations can track the spread of the virus and rate of infection using geospatial data. The same can apply to natural disasters; like the damage from an earthquake or flood. This can help governments and related organisations contain the areas, provide accurate relief programmes and report on the situation using accurate results.

Enhance Logistical Planning

Organisations working on logistics from public transportation, to civil infrastructure can determine requirements using geospatial data. The data can accurately indicate the density of the population within an area, allowing resources to be allocated accordingly.

With multiple map and visualisation layers, Qlik® GeoAnalytics will help you explore, simultaneously, all geospatial data along with any relationships thereof. Qlik® GeoAnalytics provides users with easy-to-use representations of the data in detailed images, making analysis and reporting simpler and more efficient.

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