How Do I Get Qlik NPrinting and How Does It Work?

Qlik NPrinting is ultimately a reporting tool that allows for one to easily create and distribute customised reports and other documents where necessary. The creation and distribution of these custom reports can even be automated in order to save time. These reports are created by making use of data that has been collected by QlikView and Qlik Sense. This functionality makes it easy for insights to be shared with shareholders, CEOs, CFOs, and more. The best part is that they will always look professional and allow for easy understanding and digestion of information.

In this article, we will answer the question; “How do I get Qlik NPrinting and how does it work”? We will explain this by providing you with examples of how it can be used to its full potential.

Qlik NPrinting Examples

As one could imagine, the uses for Qlik NPrinting are endless. This tool is also applicable in almost any industry, as sharing information is important in every business. Some examples of how Qlik NPrinting can be used include:

  • Financials: Qlik NPrinting can be used to create financial reports for different departments. Each report will be customised to present the figures most important and relevant to those departments. For example, a CFO would be more interested in seeing figures concerning revenue and expenses, while a CEO would want to see budget reports and growth forecasting.
  • HR: The human resources department will be more inclined to use Qlik NPrinting to create reports concerning employee data. Some of the data points they might include will consist of performance evaluations, employee turnover rates, and more. They will then use this information to make informed decisions on how to improve the retention rate, when training is required, and what to look for when in the recruitment process.
  • Marketing: Marketing departments will typically make use of Qlik NPrinting to assess the success of marketing campaigns, re-targeting campaigns, defining target markets, and more. Some of the data that could guide them in this would be customer demographics, purchase history, and more.

Is Qlik NPrinting Free?

Qlik NPrinting is not free, nor does it have a free trial. However, you might be able to get a temporary licence to test its capabilities if you are already using QlikView or Qlik Sense.

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