How to Use Qlik NPrinting to Impress at Your Next Meeting

Qlik’s Business Intelligence (BI) solutions come in a variety of products and value-added server-based applications that give you access to next-generation data and analysis capabilities. However, you may already have Qlik Sense, a powerful data management platform, but you are looking for more ways to extend the already great solution. Why not consider Qlik NPrinting* to boost your features and impress at meetings?

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What is Qlik NPrinting?

Qlik NPrinting is Qlik’s enterprise-class reporting and distributing solution for Qlik Sense. It is a server-based application that allows you to create, manage and distribute all your reporting projects seamlessly. Qlik NPrinting complements Qlik Sense by empowering you with even greater features that build on an already powerful, feature-rich solution. Qlik NPrinting offers great value with its two most treasured features: report creating & editing, and distribution & delivery solutions.

Report Creating and Editing

NPrinting gives you the ability to create impressive reports easily using data and analytics from Qlik Sense. You can create reports quickly using formats such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word which will leverage existing skills in your company. For highly-polished documents, you can use the internal HTML editor or PixelPerfect for PDFs. The advanced customisation features and easy drag-and-drop functionality will give you all the power with the single tool needed to create impressive reports.

Distribution and Delivery Solutions

Other than the flexible report creation and editing capabilities, Qlik NPrinting also awards you with next-generation distribution and delivery solutions. Qlik NPrinting for Qlik Sense gives you a central hub that allows you to schedule and deliver reports to a variety of recipients, you can also filter information customised to each individual so that they can only view and access what you want them to. You can also make use of the web portal in order to give your users an easily-accessible library where they can view, download or subscribe to your reports.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Qlik NPrinting will improve and accelerate your Qlik BI solution, get in touch with Qlik specialists.


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