Keeping Up To Date with the Help of Qlik® Sense

With the exponential rate at which technology is developing and evolving, you would expect it to make business and life simpler. And it does, but only for those who keep up with how to understand it. Technological and data literacy are serious challenges especially to businesses reliant on statistics but who do not have access to professionals who can help. That is where Qlik® Sense comes to the rescue!

QlikView® VS Qlik® Sense

Many people looking into the range of Qlik® products will come across QlikView® and Qlik® Sense, and you will end up wondering what the difference is. We have another article that goes into greater detail on this, but a quick recap here to keep things in context won’t hurt.

Simply put, QlikView® is a more specialised tool which can be used by specialists to build your own guided analytics applications geared to your business’s specific needs. Qlik® Sense on the other hand is an interactive, visually-oriented analysis tool that enables anybody to work with data in a way that they can make sense of it for themselves, and without any specialised knowledge or training.

Why use Qlik® Sense?

Looking at the difference between the two products, it is clear that Qlik® Sense has been developed more specifically for a less data literate market. The whole point here is to help users close the gap that has been created by the increasing need for specialised knowledge with the development of technology. Now, it is no longer a case of needing specialists or falling behind.

What can I do with Qlik® Sense?

Simply put, Qlik® Sense provides you with the ideal tool to integrate data and to share insights.

Data integration

By using Qlik® Sense you gain access to vast amounts of condensed data that is integrated into a visual display to make it easier to understand. This provides you with the ability to access all the integrated data and interpret the most relevant findings in a simplified form, allowing you to make real-time informed decisions to lead your business.

Sharing insights

Once you have your integrated data updated and managed, the next step is to use this. For many businesses this means sharing information with partners, employees and clients. With Qlik® Sense you are able to share this information through a secure central hub, allowing authorised users to access the information via any network-enabled device. This simplifies the process of sharing your data, which can help to smooth out and speed up business proceedings, which is key since time is money.

This is only one small part of what we at B2IT have to offer in the way of Qlik® products. Get in touch with us with any questions or requests, and we will see that you get the best for your business.