Make Informed Business Decisions with Active Intelligence

As the digital environment that we conduct business in, evolves, so should the intelligence that we arm our business with evolve alongside it. It is essential that every business ensures that they are able to act on events as they are taking place. In order for businesses to grow in this new competitive environment, decision-makers need to be ahead of the curve and not be informed by old information.

In this article, we discuss how you can make informed business decisions with Active Intelligence.

Active Intelligence vs Business Intelligence

Active Intelligence, otherwise referred to as AI, is a modern approach or the evolution of traditional BI (Business Intelligence). Active Intelligence overcomes some of the previous hindrances experienced with traditional Business Intelligence and it is clear to see why when one compares the two.

Business Intelligence

  • Historical Data: BI makes use of preconfigured data that is loaded up in batches. This data represents past events and makes use of this data to predict what will occur in the future.
  • A Passive Approach: Due to the fact that historical data is being used, the user is not encouraged to take action in the moment, thus it has a passive approach; that allows for a decision-maker to contemplate their options.

Active Intelligence

  • Real-Time Data: AI feeds its users with real-time and up-to-date data that ensures decision-makers are armed with the information they need to make informed decisions in the moment.
  • Data-to-Analytics Pipeline: Designed as a multidirectional conduit AI allows for information and data to be delivered to the user immediately and continuously.
  • Compels Action: Through built-in event triggering, user alerts and other orchestrated actions, AI encourages actions to be taken as events unfold.

Where to Find Active Intelligence in South Africa

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