Microsoft Power BI: B2IT’s Latest Offering

B2IT offers smart software programs that make data visualisation and analysis simpler and more efficient. One of their latest offerings is the exciting Microsoft’s Power BI tool that can do a multitude of useful tasks.

Power BI in South Africa can be used to source data from a wide range of systems that is cloud hosted or on premises, which can then be used to create dashboards that track the metrics relevant to your needs, and you can literally ask questions regarding your data. Users can create detailed reports or embed dashboards and reports into reporting portals they already use.

This simple platform can be used by anyone to gain insights into their data by means of simple visual representation.

Data Visualisation

The Power BI tool has hundreds of content packs, templates and integrations for hundreds of data services, apps and services that include pre-set reports and visualisations — and not just Microsoft ones like Dynamics 365 and SQL Server.

If you use Xero for accounting, or K2 Cloud to build business processes, or Adobe Marketing Cloud, SAP HANA, Salesforce, MailChimp, Marketo or Google Analytics, or even GitHub, you can use Power BI to create visual data representations, as well as intricate reports presented on a custom dashboard.

You can also set up the on-premises gateway to use Power BI to explore data sets on your own servers. Your platform also allows for customised user permissions, meaning that you can set which user has access to what. This will protect sensitive and confidential information from being seen by the wrong people.

Data Timelines

Timeline Storyteller is a custom visual story telling tool for Power BI which allows users to report on and show information that changes over time in a way that’s easy to update and understand. You can create a linear list of dates or times, or lay them out in circles, spirals, grids or custom shapes. You can also show a chronological list, a sequence that shows the duration of events, or pick relative or logarithmic scales.

With these and a host of other features, businesses would do well to incorporate this incredible business intelligence tool in their processes to optimise operations. Contact our team for more information on Microsoft Power BI and other effective software.