Qlik® DataMarket Explained

Qlik® DataMarket is an offering that provides Qlik® users with ready-to-use to data that has been processed from external sources. Acquiring data from external sources shouldn’t be more difficult than loading from internal sources, and users of any skill level should be able to easily associate external data with their internal data. Qlik® DataMarket makes this possible.

Benefits of Qlik® DataMarket

For companies working with big data, it’s imperative that it is organised, understandable and up-to-date.


Qlik DataMarket offers a number of free data sets for every Qlik Sense user. Freely search, acquire and augment with your own data. When you are ready, you can choose from a broad range of data packages that will make the most sense for your business.

Trusted Data

Integrity and transparency of data is ensured from its source and right through the way to you, providing credible and trustworthy data without compromising the source and lineage of the data.

Access to a Comprehensive Data Library

A comprehensive library of proprietary and public data from a wide variety of data providers, include demographics, currency, weather, society, as well as business and economy, with more sources being added on a regular basis.

Qlik® DataMarket Essentials Package

As mentioned, there are multiple packages to choose from, depending on what your business needs. You can explore the different Qlik® DataMarket packages here.

Qlik® DataMarket offers a complete data service with a wide range of external data provided through a reliable cloud-based data service. Users can easily search for custom, syndicated and public data from fully curated data sets that are always up-to-date and ready. Coupled with your Qlik® Sense programme, data will never be the same again. Contact us for more information on our BI tools and solutions.