Qlik NPrinting: A Brief Explanation

We often forget the value that a dynamic and eye-catching report that is easy to understand can add to a business model. The only problem is that it usually takes a lot of time, effort, and skill to craft reports like these. There is however a solution that makes the creation, management, and sharing of such reports easy and efficient.

This answer is Qlik Nprinting. In this article, we will discuss why Qlik NPrinting is a great investment for any business.

The Benefits of Qlik NPrinting

Qlik NPrinting makes use of the data that has been captured by Qlik Sense and QlikView to create informative and aesthetically pleasing reports that are packed full of value. It then allows users to manage these reports from one platform, ensuring that all of your information is secure, yet easily accessible to those with access. You are also able to create these reports from popular formats such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Excel, by simply dragging and dropping tables, objects, and charts.

All in all, Qlik NPrinting is easy to use, secure, flexible, customisable, provides automation possibilities and will save you time and money. Thus, it is the perfect option for a business of any size.

Request a Qlik NPrinting Demo

It is hard to properly envision the reports and all the benefits provided when reading about them. This is why it is best to request a demo for Qlik NPrinting as one can then see all the benefits provided in action.

Qlik NPrinting in South Africa

B2IT is a distributor of Qlik NPrinting and other Qlik products in South Africa. We are able to provide you with information on how Qlik NPrinting and other products can benefit your business on a daily basis. Whether you want to ensure that none of your data is ever lost or you want to find a better way of analysing and communicating the data you have already gathered B2IT can help.

Book a demo or simply contact us to find out more about the endless possibilities of Qlik within your business.