Qlik Replicate in South Africa

Qlik Replicate, also known as ‘Qlik Attunity’ provides automated, real-time, and universal data integration to and from big data sources; both on premises, and in the cloud. These sources include streaming systems, large databases, data warehouses and mainframe systems.

Data analytics has become increasingly important to businesses of all industries and sizes. In order to make informed, real-time decisions based on data results, they must adjust to new ways of processing and analysing, as well as storing and replicating data.

Qlik Replicate Benefits

Qlik Replicate is an intuitive cloud-based programme that simplifies configuration, controlling and monitoring replication tasks across all sources and targets. It is a user-friendly system for individuals with little to no data tool background, whilst still providing value for users who have an in-depth understanding of them.

Update Data Real-Time

Qlik Replicate automatically generates target databases based on metadata definitions in the inputted source. Even after executing initial data loads, users can expect the data to transition automatically during continual data changes into instant updates.

Industry’s Broadest Platform Coverage

Qlik Replicate supports all major source and target systems for data replication, including:

  • relational databases,
  • data warehouse systems,
  • streaming systems,
  • cloud targets
  • mainframe systems

Intuitive Graphic User Interface

Qlik Replicate practically eliminates the need for manual coding with its quick and easy set-up. From thousands of sources, you can ingest big data sources and automatically generate target schemas based on metadata.

To understand more about Qlik Replicate, as well as other intuitive, complex data analytics tools, contact our experts.