QlikView 101

QlikView is a highly effective business intelligence program that allows users to visualise data accurately. The platform, which has been touted as one of the most innovative developments, enables users to turn data into knowledge. This information is then used to make informed decisions.

Is QlikView Easy to Learn?

The business intelligence QlikView platform is incredibly user-friendly. The platform was designed to be highly efficient, providing a user-friendly, interactive interface that works seamlessly for both IT professionals and non-technical users.

It incorporates interactive applications, including a straightforward dashboard, and reports pages. Users can get real-time updates and integrated data analyses from the dashboard.

The dashboard also has various associative search applications. Users can easily search and view fundamental data relationships, comparisons, and analyses. The product allows for both 2D and 3D visualisations of charts and other statistical tools.

Where does QlikView Store Data?

The business intelligence tool is wholly based on cloud storage.

With the visual intelligence QlikView platform, all the data is loaded and stored on the cloud. As such, the information is readily available at any point. Users can therefore perform instant searches, real-time data analyses and interpretation with a simple click of a button.

What is QlikView Software Used for?

The comprehensive business intelligence platform affords both power users and end users access to complex business analytics, made simple. It can be used to develop and extract data, analyse, classify, and distribute a wide range of information to various end users. The data is transformed from complex, to simplified, allowing those reading it to understand it quickly, identify trends and data relationships, and fulfil various other reporting tasks.

The business intelligence QlikView application eliminates time delays and the need to use different products for different BI outputs. With its cloud storage and highly interactive features, business owners, users, and developers can accomplish various tasks with only a few clicks. Contact us for more information on maintaining your QlikView tool.