QlikView® Data and Analytics: Discovering Gray Data

The business world is developing at an exponential rate, and together with it the requirements for intelligent business. One of the hardest hit areas is data and analytics, which can no longer be adequately serviced with old query-based approaches.

QlikView®’s data and analytics capabilities allow you to move past the limitations of query-based approaches, reacting to your data needs in real-time and without limiting your results to exactly what you asked for. One of the greatest discoveries this will lead you to is grey data.

What is grey data?

One of the most common debates in any field, be it anything from BI (business intelligence) to law, is about the grey area between what is correct and what is incorrect. In QlikView® you pick out the green data as what you selected, white as related to your search, and grey as unrelated.

However, while this grey data is defined as unrelated it is extremely useful to companies that have access to it.

How is grey data useful?

Imagine the example of a mobile phone company searching for results on how many phones were sold in the country. But in their grey data they notice that while it is not specifically related to their query, QlikView®’s data and analytics layout has marked in grey the exact stores and/or regions that are not selling their goods.

So, instead of only seeing exactly how many phones were sold and wondering where the shortage is coming from, needing to go back and search again, this information is immediately available. Furthermore, there could even be grey data indicating other products which sell well together with phones, giving the company an opportunity to expand its offerings and make greater headway in the market.

Expand with Qlik NPrinting

While grey data is clearly immensely valuable, you need a way to visualise this data to bring out its full potential. And while QlikView® does offer excellent visualisation, it might not always be possible to show this to all parties involved. That is where Qlik® NPrinting comes in.

While QlikView®’s data and analytics capabilities allow you to make sense of data, NPrinting allows you to distribute the data with aesthetically pleasing and effective reports. On top of providing effective, visual reports, it also allows you to report in various convenient formats such as Microsoft Office platforms and PDF.

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