Take Your Data Anywhere with Qlik® Sense Mobile

Now you can analyse your data wherever you go on your mobile devices and view offline information* without having access to the internet! Qlik® Sense Mobile gives you the same great perks of all the Qlik® Sense Apps that you’ve already signed up for, and allows you to easily access them from anywhere, anytime.

Using the trustworthy Qlik® Sense quality that you’re accustomed to, Qlik® Sense Mobile provides the same quality experience that you’re accustomed to on your desktop or laptop.

Qlik® Sense Mobile also offers tutorials and guidance as users work, so it transforms complicated data and simplifies it for users on all experience levels.

Qlik® Sense Mobile Devices

Not only can you view your analytics from anywhere, but you can also share information with the rest of your team – so you can work on the go and in real-time! Qlik® Sense provides the perfect platforms for collaboration and sharing information, data, and reports with other users. Files and data can be shared in various formats to suit devices of all types. These formats include PDF, XLS, PPT and more.

Qlik® Sense Mobile automatically adjusts the Qlik® Sense Enterprise apps to suit smaller screens intuitively without losing quality and detail.

A multitude of smartphones and smart devices can support Qlik® Sense Mobile. These include all Apple products like iPads, iMacs, iPhones etc. Other brand tablets can also support the app, as long as the operating system is iOS or Android Qlik® Sense Mobile for BlackBerry is the Qlik® Sense Mobile application running on iOS and integrated with the BlackBerry Dynamics platform.

When logging into Qlik® Sense Mobile for the first time, authentication is required – this means you’ll need to be a Qlik® Sense user already in order to access the Qlik® Sense Mobile app. The Qlik® Sense Mobile app can be found and installed directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Although your information is secure on the Qlik® Sense Mobile platform, it’s important to ensure that your device is password protected, as you would with your PC or laptop.

*Offline access via the Qlik® Sense Mobile App is only available to Qlik® Sense customers.

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