The Availability of Active Intelligence Software in South Africa

Business Intelligence (BI) was developed to encourage companies to make decisions based on data, and designed to inform users, not trigger action. This did improve decision making, but a new age of business is arising, and to support it, a new relationship with data needs to be developed.

Businesses need to be able to take action, and make decisions as events are unfolding, not after the fact. A new way of dealing with data has been developed, to facilitate the new needs that have emerged, and its name is Active Intelligence.

The 3 States of Data

There are three states of data:

  • Data in rest: data that is not being accessed or used and is being stored.
  • Data in motion: data that is travelling from one point to another, whether that be on a public or private communication channel.
  • Data in use: data that is being accessed and updated by one or multiple applications or systems.

What is Active Intelligence?

Active Intelligence combines data in rest and data in motion, to deliver real-time insights and analytics. It does this by taking components present in BI such as data ingestion, integration, delivery, analytics, collaboration, and storytelling, and consolidates them with a unified pipeline that fills in all of the gaps previously located between these components. This, in turn, creates a multidirectional conduit for the information to flow through.

A unified pipeline allows for data to be available, and delivered to users as soon as it arrives, ensuring that it is business-ready. This manner of real-time data delivery triggers and encourages users to take immediate action, and respond to events as they are unfolding.

The Benefits of Active Intelligence

Active Intelligence has a multitude of benefits that will help optimise any business. Some of these benefits include spotting trends as they are happening, expediting business outcomes, and allowing for the adaptation and reinvention of processes and plans to accommodate what is happening in the business market.

Active Intelligence in South Africa

Active Intelligence is available and ready for use in South Africa. To find out more about Active Intelligence and how it can help your business soar to new heights, contact us at B2IT.