The Qlik® Analytics Platform: An Introduction

The Qlik® Analytics Platform is designed for application developers to embed Qlik’s powerful visual analytics capabilities right into their own applications. The Qlik® Analytics Platform provides access to Qlik® Indexing Engine’s (QIX) and visualizations to application developers through powerful, open and modern application programming interfaces (API’s).Unknown Object

The Capabilities of the Qlik® Analytics Platform

The Qlik® Analytics Platform offers a host of amazing capabilities to users.

Qlik® Dev Hub

Qlik® Dev Hub is a developer workbench for building custom apps, embedded analytics and extensions that allows easier access to the capabilities in the Qlik® Analytics Platform. Qlik® Dev Hub comes with a number of visualisation and mashup templates, and can be used for starting to build custom visualisations and mashups.

Qlik® Management Console (QMC)

The Qlik® Management Console (QMC) is a web-based application used for configuring and administrating your Qlik® Sense site. The QMC always connects to the central Qlik® Sense node where all system data is stored and with which all local nodes synchronise.

Direct Access to Qlik® Indexing (QIX) Engine

The QIX data indexing engine is the second generation of the proven and patented engine technology that has powered Qlik® products for the last decade. It provides associative data indexing and dynamic calculations that empower people to naturally explore data, allowing them to see the whole story. Associative data indexing exposes relationships in complex, multi-source data sets that would otherwise be hidden in hierarchical or query-based approaches.

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