Visually-Appealing Data Reports: Why it Matters

By placing data into a visual concept with NPrinting by Qlik, information and statistics are displayed in an easy-to-understand visualisation. By conveying data into a visual report, large amounts of information can be condensed and filtered to display only the important and relevant pieces of data. By glancing through the various features and benefits of NPrinting by Qlik ,which offers you comprehensive visualisation capabilities, one can easily see how visually-appealing data reports can form part of any enterprise strategy.

The Features of NPrinting by Qlik

With NPrinting, there are a variety of features which allow for the simplified modification and delivery of data reports, these include:

Filtration – with NPrinting, filters can be set up per recipient which allows for selective viewing, this helps to keep various sections of your data confidential.

Automation – the scheduling feature can be used to automate the generation of your data reports.

Ease-of-Use – NPrinting is easy to use and time-effective with the drag-and-drop feature which simplifies the creation of data reports.

Wide Compatibility – NPrinting is a flexible platform which can be converted to a number of software programmes.

The Benefits of Visually-Appealing Data

Through the capturing of big data into summarised, visual reports, recipients are given the opportunity to process information more easily as opposed to going through spreadsheets. The latter method does not allow for users to easily discern the relevant and important pieces of information. The visualisation of data also includes the following benefits:

  • Areas which can be improved are easily identifiable
  • Meetings and strategy discussions are streamlined with compelling visualisations
  • Results can be prominently captured through visualisation
  • Greater motivation can be achieved with positive results which are displayed visually

Why it Matters For Your Business

The use of data is already a non-negotiable for any business that wants to make informed decisions in order to formulate and execute strategies. In order to use data effectively for your business, use specialist data software products which were created with the ultimate efficiency in mind.