What Are Business Intelligence Tools?

Business Intelligence tools collect and organise large amounts of data, assisting users to process and organise data so it’s easier to understand, view and report on. Business Intelligence tools offered by Qlik® can condense vast amounts of data into easily comprehensible and manageable platforms which display the organised data on graphs, tables, and maps.

Benefits of Business Intelligence Tools

With business Intelligence tools like Qlik®, businesses can easily gain access to and read the data that they need in order to optimise their processes, and thus, their business.

Customer Intelligence

Business Intelligence tools take the guesswork out of what customers want. They organise collected customer data to easily show trends, what customers are responding to most, etc. Using this information, businesses can create valuable, memorable customer experiences that not only keep them coming back, but get them to spread news about your business to people they know.

New Business Opportunities

This valuable customer insight will illuminate patterns of behaviour; ones that can be repeated if used correctly. You can reel in more business by using the winning formulas on your ideal target audience. Insights into what is working for your business can guide you in the direction you need to take in order to succeed. With accurate analytics, you can make decisions that minimise risks, and maximise rewards.

Save Time with Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence tools eliminate the need for manually consolidating data and then taking hours (sometimes days) to make sense of the data and then even longer to form sensical reports from the results.  Therefore, they save users a lot of time, allowing them to action the findings rather than spending precious resources on simply gathering and making sense of the data. Qlik® products allow users to distribute real-time reports directly to their team from any location.

B2IT offers a host of BI tools to simplify and manage your big data. Contact us for more information and advice on the right software for your needs.